Dock Walking vs Applying for a Superyacht Job Online

Dock Walking

Dock walking is a way of getting a job mainly on small yachts. The usual way to obtain crew work is to walk the docks and marinas, visit crew agencies and even frequent pubs/caf├ęs used by existing crew. Anywhere used by super/mega yachts should be on your list of places to visit.

It is important to dress appropriately, as you are selling yourself. Therefore take care to 'look the part', i.e. smart, wearing deck-shoes and a smart shirt (a yacht shirt if you have one).

First impressions count!

Find out more about dock walking here.

Applying Online

Of course with the internet you will find a huge selection of luxury yacht crew positions advertised on line.

However, to be more proactive when job hunting on line, you can register with a specialised super yacht recruitment job-board and upload your CV details so that you apply for all suitable positions advertised there. Captains who are looking for crew also use these sites to view CV's of suitable candidates.

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