Courses and Qualifications

To be in the best position to secure that dream position on-board your chosen yacht, it is important for potential crew to know which qualifications are preferred, and how to go about getting them.

Super yacht Crew Training Centres are becoming a popular way for potential crew to obtain industry specific training under the watchful eye of the associated regulatory bodies, for example the MCS (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) covering foreign flagged yachts and the USC (United States Coastguard) covering US flagged yachts.


To work on charter yachts the STCW Basic Safety Training is mandatory.

For all other crew jobs, i.e. day-work, deliveries, private non-charter yachts, it is highly desirable but not always essential.

STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers)

To obtain this Standard, you will need to attend a recognised course which will then issue you the necessary certification.

Find a huge selection of STCW courses in your area on STCW Direct.

Other Certificates

Deck, Engineering, Interior and Culinary Courses

Find a directory of various training for superyacht crew on our website.

ENG1 (Seafarer Medical Certificate)

The ENG1 is a UK medical examination, performed by a Doctor to ensure that anyone employed or engaged in activities on any sea-going ships meets a minimum standard of health. Most crew on UK registered yachts are required to hold the certificate.

Read more about ENG1 medical examinations and se a list of certified doctors.

When thinking of undertaking training towards obtaining a crew position it is worth bearing in mind that qualified staff will always have the edge over unqualified, so any training you can afford is worth investing in yourself.