Importance of a Good Resume and Business Cards

Being as fully prepared as possible for job hunting before you leave home will be worth it's worth it's wait in gold when you start 'dock-walking' looking for your perfect crew position.


A great Resume, formatted for luxury yacht work, to hand to a Captain who is hiring will help clinch the job.

Therefore your Resume should contain a short but concise summary of your experience and skills which relate to working on a yacht, high-lighting the points relating to the crew position you are seeking.

It should also have a current photograph of you looking smart and well groomed, and contain all relevant passport, visa and training details.

Of course you need to include a local contact telephone number and email address.

Resume Template

Download an example of a clean, professional resume here:

Download Resume

Business Cards

When dock walking, to make the most of every possible contact who can help you obtain a crew position, having a great business card to hand out is invaluable.

A great business card should be eye-catching and attractive. It should have your name, contact local telephone number and email, and then a short, catchy description of yourself and the crew position you are looking for.