What makes a good crew member?


The key to being a good crew member, apart from having the necessary skills and aptitude, is to always 'be yourself'. Working on a yacht can soon become a stifling, claustrophobic experience if you are putting on a fa├žade to fit it. Therefore to make friends, and blend with crew and guests alike it is vital to be yourself from the get-go, as your crew members will soon enough see the real you once the going gets tough.

Personality wise, a genuine enthusiasm for the job and ability to work hard and get along with people is definitely favourable, and helps towards creating a positive environment to work in. As with any customer service role, a good sense of humour always comes in handy when dealing with tough days and customers.


Given that the nature of Super and Mega Yachts is to look pristine and fabulous, it is only natural that the appearance of their crew maintains this image. Therefore crew are required to be well presented, wearing correct uniform, with no visible tattoos, at all times.

A high standard of personal hygiene is essential, with natural coloured hair and nails kept clean and tidy.

Team Player

Team Work is vital for the smooth and happy running of a yacht. Teams are only as strong as their weakest member, therefore yacht crews must work together in a considerate and supportive fashion to ensure there is no break-down in the team.

Crew members, therefore, need to be team players. Empathising with the other crew, helping others when needed and accepting help in return to ensure a happy and successful cruise experience.


Break-down in communication can be the main cause of conflict amongst yacht crews, therefore it is vital that crew members have good communication skills to ensure a happy crew. That is, be a good listener, act on instructions and pass on information accurately as required.