Day Work and Deliveries

Day Work

Almost all crew begin their careers by first doing day work. Day work is casual work given by the half day or full day, but can stretch into several weeks as the work requires.

It really is the perfect way to trial different sizes and styles of yacht, seeing how the crew dynamics work and get a feel of the work required before committing to a contract.

As such, casual day work is highly sought after, so it is best to promote yourself as ready and able for work by making contacts, and being available in the vicinity of the yachts to be able to seize work as it becomes available.


Day work as part of a crew delivery yachts is one step further gaining experience of working life aboard a yacht.

Sailing one-way to the destination, return air-fare is usually part of the payment package, however many day-workers decided to forgo this in the hope of picking up more day-work or a crew position after they arrive.

Although well paid, with food and accommodation included, the experience is the major benefit of crewing on a delivery. Especially if you are put with a competent and friendly crew who are willing to offer advice and training.