Crew Positions on Yachts

Here is a list of basic positions available on most yachts and brief description of each of them:


Attends to the Owner and Guest, and upkeep of the yacht interior.


Maintains and tidies exterior of the yacht. Operating the yachts 'toys', e.g. ribs, jet ski, submersibles, etc.

Bosun / 2nd Mate / 2nd Officer

Same duties as Deckhand, but also assists First Mate.

1st Mate / 1st Officer

Takes command of yacht from Captain when required. Shares Captains responsibilities as required.

Chef / Sous-chef

Plans and prepares menus. Orders all kitchen provisions.


Maintenance and repair of everything mechanical and electrical on-board. Also for plumbing and heating.


Has overall responsibility for running the yacht, including administration, HR and Accounts.

Other (speciality positions)

Can include any requirements from Owner, including helicopter pilot, fitness instructor/beauty therapist, dive instructor, nannies and bodyguards.