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  1. Hairdresser/Stewardess

    wilsonhalligan are looking to recruit a Hairdresser/Housekeeper for a 100m motor yacht. The ideal candidate strong hairdressing capabilities, comfortable with...

    November 19, 2020 - Anywhere    ✔ Approved


  2. We're looking for a Nurse/Housekeeper for a 100M+ private yacht, currently in the Med.

    We're looking for a Nurse/Housekeeper for a 100M+ private yacht. Candidates should have experience in ICU, ACLS, ITLS and Trauma...

    November 19, 2020    ✔ Approved

    Housekeeping StewardessNurse

  3. Nanny/Deckhand

    wilsonhalligan have a unique opportunity for those looking for a new adventure. We have a client looking for a Nanny/Deckhand...

    November 18, 2020 - Anywhere    ✔ Approved


  4. We're looking for a Nurse/Stewardess for a 75M+ M/Y, currently in the USA.

    We're looking for an experienced Nurse/Stewardess for a 75M+ M/Y. Candidates must hold a Bachelor in Nursing, at least 3...

    November 18, 2020    ✔ Approved


  5. Rotational Medic/Nurse/Stewardess - Private 70m M/Y (Ref: HRC -LR- 279)

    Rotational Nurse/Medic/Stewardess opportunity available for Private 70m M/Y cruising the South Pacific Start Date:    Nov/Dec 2020 Package:      Salary paid...

    November 18, 2020 - South Pacific    ✔ Approved


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