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  1. Butler / Sommelier

    Wilsonhalligan are seeking an experienced Butler/ Sommelier to join a prestigious 100m+ private MY.  This role is the primary interface with the...

    January 24, 2022 - Undisclosed    ✔ Approved


  2. Service Stewardess / Yoga Instructor

    Wilsonhalligan are seeking an experienced Service Stewardess/ Yoga Instructor to join a prestigious 100m private  MY.  This is an excellent opportunity for someone...

    January 24, 2022 - Undisclosed    ✔ Approved

    Service StewardessYoga/Pilates Instructor

  3. Deck/Dive Instructor 85m

    DECK/DIVE INSTRUCTOR 85M MY: We are seeking a Deckhand/Dive Instructor to join an 85m private/charter MY with an off the...

    January 24, 2022    ✔ Approved

    DeckhandDive Instructor

  4. Stewardess 75m+

    STEWARDESS 75M + PRIVATE/CHARTER We have an exciting opportunity for a Stewardess who will be predominantly in Service and then...

    January 24, 2022    ✔ Approved


  5. Beautician/Stewardess 55m+

    BEAUTICIAN/HAIR/STEWARDESS 55M+ PRIVATE We are looking for a stewardess with extra skills in Beauty and Hairdressing to join a happy,...

    January 24, 2022    ✔ Approved


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