Yoga/Pilates Instructor

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  1. Strong 2nd Stew - 50m Private New Build - Additional Skills with Skills with Photography/Videography/PT/Yoga Instructor Preferred

    2nd stew / FORT LAUDERDALE Seeking a Strong and Confident 2nd Stew for an active and dynamic private program, run...

    February 28, 2021    ✔ Approved

  2. Yoga/Stewardess 100m+

    STEWARDESS/YOGA INSTRUCTOR 100m+ 3:1 ROTATION  We are seeking a Stewardess who is also a Yoga Instructor with a minimum of 5...

    February 12, 2021    ✔ Approved

  3. Yoga Instructor/Stewardess 65m

    YOGA INSTRUCTOR/STEWARDESS 65M PRIVATE MY We are seeking a Stewardess who is a qualified yoga instructor. Ideally, candidates will hold...

    February 7, 2021    ✔ Approved