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    Reformer Pilates

    Advanced Pilates Instructor on a ReformerQualified in sport medicine / pilates / myotherapyMid July to end of August in EuropePrivate...

    July 12, 2022 - Spain    ✔ Approved

    Yoga/Pilates Instructor

  2. Qualified Masseuse/Beautician/Stewardess for a 55m MY, Private

    West Nautical are looking for a Qualified Masseuse/Beautician/Stewardess for a 55m MY, Private.   Candidates MUST have extensive Mani/Pedi experience...

    August 10, 2022    ✔ Approved

    Steward(ess)BeauticianMassage Therapist

  3. Exclusive

    Junior Stew/Masseuse

    Junior Stew/Masseuse needed for a 50m M/Y. Non-US Flag. Private. Current location: NE....

    August 10, 2022 - NE

    Junior Steward(ess)Massage Therapist

  4. Stew/Masseuse 60m

    STEW/MASSEUSE 60M+ PRIVATE/CHARTER We are looking for a Stew/Masseuse to start the 15th August for 1 month to join a...

    August 8, 2022

    Steward(ess)Massage Therapist

  5. Deckhand 55m

    DECKHAND 55M CHARTER MY:  We are currently looking for a Deckhand to join a busy 55m private/charter MY. The vessel...

    August 8, 2022


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