Laundry Steward(ess)

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  1. TEMP Laundry Stew needed for 100M+ in Europe.

    Viking Crew is looking for a TEMP Laundry Stew for a 100M+, currently in France. Candidates should have previous experience...

    September 20, 2021    ✔ Approved

  2. Laundry Stewardess needed for 75M in the USA

    Viking Crew is looking for a Laundry Stewardess for a 75M+ private motor yacht, based in the USA. Candidates should have at...

    September 2, 2021    ✔ Approved

  3. Temp Laundry person needed for 90M+ in Europe

    We're looking for a TEMP Laundry Person for a 90M+ based in Europe. Candidates should have previous experience as laundry...

    August 31, 2021    ✔ Approved

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