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  1. Junior Stewardess 65m+

    JUNIOR STEWARDESS 65m+ PRIVATE/CHARTER We are seeking candidates with at least 1 season's experience on 45m + vessels to join...

    September 23, 2021    ✔ Approved

  2. Junior Stewardess 75m

    JUNIOR STEWARDESS 75M+ MY: We are seeking a Junior Stewardess to join a 75m+ dual season MY. The vessel is...

    September 22, 2021    ✔ Approved

  3. Junior Stewardess 70m

    JUNIOR STEWARDESS 70M MY: We are looking for a Stewardess to join a 70m private MY. The vessel travels between...

    September 20, 2021    ✔ Approved

  4. Junior Stewardess 55m

    JUNIOR STEWARDESS BUSY 55M CHARTER YACHT  This is a busy private/charter yacht with approx. 10 weeks of charter in the...

    September 20, 2021    ✔ Approved

  5. Junior Stewardess

    Junior Stewardess 54m Private MY Based in Monaco Salary 3000 euros We are looking for a stewardess with about 3...

    September 15, 2021    ✔ Approved

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