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  1. Engineer/Mate 62’ SY- NZ, PNG, Raja Ampat, Myanmar, Maldives

    Are you an engineer currently located in NZ? Are you interested in joining a private sailing yacht on its world...

    November 26, 2020 - NZ    ✔ Approved

    MateChief Engineer2nd Engineer3rd EngineerSole EngineerDive Instructor

  2. Sole Engineer for 50m SY New build

    Certification required : Y3 min We are looking for A Sole Engineer for a build SY. SYCE, ENG! and Y2...

    November 26, 2020    ✔ Approved

    Sole Engineer

  3. ETO required for a 70m+ private yacht

    We are looking for a Junior ETO to join a 70m+ private yacht Position is to start ASAP Would suit...

    November 26, 2020    ✔ Approved


  4. Chief Engineer

    Build Chief Engineer Job Title : Full Time Build Chief Engineer for 50m+ Private Motor Yacht. Job Description : Full...

    November 26, 2020 - Anywhere    ✔ Approved

    Chief Engineer

  5. Chief Engineer

    Job Title : Full Time Chief Engineer for 40m+ Private Motor Yacht. Job Description : Full Time Chief Engineer for...

    November 25, 2020 - Anywhere    ✔ Approved

    Chief Engineer

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