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  1. Exclusive

    Chief Engineer

    We are looking for an experienced Chief  Engineer. Med based 40m private motor yacht. Rotation 2/2   Must have strong...

    March 31, 2023 - Mediterranean Sea

  2. Chief engineer, Private, Med based, 47m M/Y

    About the yacht It's a 47m private motor yacht, Red Flag and based in South of France. The project We are looking for...

    March 30, 2023

  3. Exclusive

    Chief Engineer (III/3) 38m Charter Yacht – French Polynesia & NZ

    Interested in banking big charter tips $$$ from a largely US client base? Do you hold a III/3 or Y3?...

    March 26, 2023 - New Zealand, Tahiti

  4. Chief engineer, Private, SOF, 44m S/Y

    About the yacht It is 44m private S/Y, based around Monaco with 11 crew members. The yacht has a Eu...

    March 26, 2023    ✔ Approved

  5. Chief Engineer

    We are looking for a Temp Chief Engineer for a –  55m Private MY Currently in Malta ASAP start date until around...

    March 24, 2023

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