Marine & Wildlife Conservation

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Central America
Start date:
1st June 2023
Job posted:
March 18, 2023

We are a Conservation Organization called Earthrace Conservation. We are a group of volunteers aboard an Ex-Navy Ship

Built in 1944. We have a 7.4m Rib, 4.7m Zodiac, a Military Drone, and a Tracking Dog Called Appa

We partner with goverments and scientists to work on marine & terrestrial conservation & research. Our main

operations are working with Panamanian and Costa Rican officials on patrols to look for illegal Fishing in MPA's, engaging

with locals by educating them on laws around fishing and marine wildlife, with hopes to get a CMAR agreement. If we

are not on patrol, then we are doing maintenance aboard the ship

We are looking for likeminded, engaging & adventurous volunteers who are competent and eager to leam

With Earthrace, volunteers pay to come aboard. Prices start from $750 for 1 week and up to $3000 for 3 Months with food and accommodation aboard included. Long-term crew are free after 3 months

It's a lot of hard work, but also a rewarding experience of a lifetime.

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