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Miami, FL
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July 2, 2021
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An experienced captain with relevant engineering skills to manage all aspects of a 52ft 2020 Yacht in Miami for an owner who is away most of the time. Duties include running regular system checks and maintenance, small repairs, washing and cleaning the yacht when not in use, hiring additional crew, dealing with vendors and Marina so the yacht is always ready to be used when needed. Looking for at least 5 years of experience, clean record, no smoking, friendly and trustworthy person. This is a full time position although the yacht will be used only a few days a month with occasional multi-day trips to nearby islands. However, it is expected that the captain will be on the job every day and maintain a regular routine during normal working hours. The captain may take small side jobs as long as it is understood this job is the THE priority. Highly attractive compensation, 3 weeks of vacation and health benefits will be included.

Work Experience Requirements:

All applicants must have previous experience in working on a Yacht.

Language Requirements:

Good knowledge of the English language is required.