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July 10, 2021
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Halcyon of Eyemouth (H) is a rare, Scottish built Motor Sailer yacht (MSY). Completed in 1990 to a traditional skilled shipwright build, "H"  is 34 tons of classic iroko and oak wood construction, very much a small ship, more than a yacht. 

Halcyon of Eyemouth is featured in Youtube and currently berthed in South Wales UK and along the English South Coast. 

Mark is H's owner, he's a expericenced yacht skipper and restorer, looking to promote new talent to join in this project. He's a man who highly prises long term close meaningful relationships. His philisophy is the people sailing the yacht are important, more than the yacht itself. Like cars, trains and planes,  yachts are machines, it's the people who sail yachts that matter. So caring, sharing and experiencing authentic friendships makes for smooth high quality lifestyle longer term sailing. Mark is only looking for new team members who share these values. 

The long term goal is to build an environmental eco-charter business, deploying a small fleet of near zero carbon footprint sailing adventures. Life on board will be informal, skills and responsibilities are shared with all members regardless of rank or expericence. The assets, including the yachts, will be ultimately legacy gifted to those who stick with the project and build its future. 

We are looking for new team members who are starting out in the marine industry, want to gain all-round seafaring experience with a love of the sea. We're not in the commercial "super-yacht" part of the industry. If your goal is polishing chrome to earn quick money, our project is not for you. 

You will be

1 - Want to be at sea (seafarer) keen to develop all skills needed to sail a classic yacht 

2 - Very open-minded, friendly, have a sharing nature and be fully team orientated

3 - Looking for an adventure

4 - Happy to join in the decision making process

5 - Able to take responsibility along with Mark for team safety

6 - Have a practical nature.

Please feel free to connect with Mark.


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