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.STCW Personal Survival Techniques (PST) and Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) Updating Training

£300 GBP (incl. VAT)

Course Type:
Updated STCW Basic Safety Training Week (Package)
Training School:
Seahaven Maritime Academy
Newhaven, East Sussex, United Kingdom
2 days

As of 1st January 2017, it will be mandatory for all persons working on a commercial vessel, to provide documentary proof of having undertaken or updated certain STCW courses within the previous five years, including Personal Survival Techniques (PST) and Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) training.

For those persons who have already completed the full STCW PST & FPFF previously, the Updating Training course may be used to fulfil the above requirements in lieu of repeating the full course again, subject to the entry pre-requisites below.
This package follows MCA approved programmes of study, designed to refresh your knowledge of sea survival techniques and fire prevention and fire fighting techniques.

PST Module:

  • Donning and using an immersion suit
  • Swim while wearing a life jacket
  • Boarding a survival craft from the water
  • Righting an inverted life raft
  • Jump from a height into the water
  • Keep afloat without a life jacket

FPFF Module:

  • Minimise risk of fire on board
  • Refresh skills in procedure, personal safety requirements and re-familiarise in ship board equipment
  • Refresh skills to fight and extinguish fires

STCW Elementary First Aid – Refresher

Officially, the STCW Elementary First Aid certificate does not expire, and therefore, unlike the Fire Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques certificates, does not need to be refreshed. However, most employers and vessel owners insist that your first aid certificate is updated every 2 or 3 years (5 years maximum). Therefore it makes sense to refresh your First Aid certificate at the same time as you do the others - see our special offer below.

Special Offer

If you book your Basic Fire Fighting and PST refreshers as a package with us, we will also include the STCW Elementary First Aid course for an additional £50. Of course this is optional.

Our Refresher Dates Not Convenient?

If our Refresher Package dates are not convenient for you, phone us to discuss the option of doing your refresher course during a Basic Training week which we schedule every 2 weeks.

Entry Requirements

To undertake these Refresher Training courses you must have already completed the full STCW PST & FPFF courses and produce the certificates.
For the PST Refresher, you must also be able to -

1. Complete the self-declaration form as found in Annex E(i) of the STCW code, (downloadable from our website) as proof of having participated in onboard drills and training and
2. You must provide proof of sea service within the past 5 years e.g. Testimonials or a Discharge Book.

If you cannot comply with these requirements, we will enrol you on to the full PST.

School Website

This course is available on the following days:
(please check the availability with the training school)

  • 14th March 2018 (12 places)
  • 11th April 2018 (12 places)
  • 9th May 2018 (12 places)
  • 6th June 2018 (12 places)
  • 4th July 2018 (12 places)
  • 1st August 2018 (12 places)
  • 29th August 2018 (12 places)
  • 26th September 2018 (12 places)
  • 24th October 2018 (12 places)
  • 21st November 2018 (12 places)
  • 19th December 2018 (12 places)

Seahaven Maritime Academy

East Quay
Newhaven Port
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 01273514050
Email: send message

School Website

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