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Personal Survival Techniques Refresher

£140 GBP (incl. VAT)

Course Type:
Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
Training School:
Seahaven Maritime Academy
Newhaven, East Sussex, United Kingdom

The criteria for attending a PST refresher course is that the expired certificate must be produced and a self-declaration of on board training (within the last 5 years) must be also be produced before students can be accepted onto the course. If the student is unable to self declare we will run the full course for them and charge the refresher cost.

Our group size for this course is restricted to 12 people which allows for individual attention

Course syllabus:

  • Donning a life jacket
  • Donning and use of an immersion suit
  • Safely jumping from a height into the water
  • Righting an inverted life raft while wearing a life jacket
  • Swimming while wearing a life jacket
  • Keeping afloat
  • Boarding a liferaft from ship and water while wearing a life jacket
  • Taking initial actions on boarding a liferaft to enhance chance of survival
  • Streaming a drogue or sea anchor
  • Operating location devices, including radio equipment

Our Refresher Dates Not Convenient?

If our schedule refresher course dates are not convenient for you, phone us to discuss the option of doing your refresher course during a Basic Training week which we schedule every 2 weeks.

Entry Requirements

To undertake this Refresher course you must have already completed the full STCW PST course and produce the following -

1. Your old certificate.
2. A completed self-declaration form as found in Annex E(i) of the STCW code (downloadable from our website) as proof of having participated in on board drills and training.
3. Proof of sea service within the past 5 years e.g. Testimonials or a Discharge Book.

School Website

This course is available on the following days:
(please check the availability with the training school)

  • 26th January 2018 (4 places)
  • 14th February 2018 (12 places)
  • 14th March 2018 (12 places)
  • 11th April 2018 (12 places)
  • 9th May 2018 (12 places)
  • 6th June 2018 (12 places)
  • 4th July 2018 (12 places)
  • 1st August 2018 (12 places)
  • 29th August 2018 (12 places)
  • 26th September 2018 (12 places)
  • 24th October 2018 (12 places)
  • 21st November 2018 (12 places)
  • 19th December 2018 (12 places)

Seahaven Maritime Academy

East Quay
Newhaven Port
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 01273514050
Email: send message

School Website

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