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STCW Designated Security Duties (DSD), ONLINE, Liberia approved

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Course Type:
Designated Security Duties
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online course

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This course aims to provide the knowledge required for seafarers with designated security duties in connection with a Ship Security Plan (SSP) to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 74 as amended, the ISPS Code, and section A-VI/6 of the STCW Code, as amended. Those who successfully complete the course should be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to undertake the duties assigned under the SSP.


  • Identify the current security threats and patterns.
  • Recognize and detect weapons, dangerous substances and devices.
  • Recognize, on a non-discriminatory basis, of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten security.
  • Identify techniques used to circumvent security measures.
  • Comprehend security-related communications.
  • Comprehend the emergency procedures and contingency plans.
  • Understand the operation of security equipment and systems.
  • Identify the testing, calibration and at-sea maintenance of security equipment and systems.
  • Recognize the inspection, control, and monitoring techniques.
  • Comprehend the methods of physical searches of persons, personal effects, baggage, cargo, and ship stores.

Legislation & References:

IMO References

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  • Acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships.” MSC.1/Circ.1334


  • McNicholas, M. (2007). Maritime Security: An Introduction. Burlington: Butterworth- Heinemann

Duration: 10.5h

Available language: English

Entry Requirements

Documents required to attend: After purchasing this course you shall receive instructions in order to provide the following documentation:

- Passport

Documents should be received in PDF/PNG/JPG format. You can either scan or photograph them, please make sure that they are legible or the process will be delayed.

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