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Kiril V.

Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Sole Engineer

  Available currently unavailable
  Yachting experience

Nationality: Bulgaria
Current location: Bulgaria

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Basic Details

Year of Birth: 1986
Smoker: no
Visible Tattoos: no
ENG1 Certificate: yes
Residence: Bulgaria
Current Dock Location: not in a dock now
B1/B2 Visas: no
Schengen Visas: not applicable (EU/EEA citizen)

Contact Details

Certificates / Qualifications

STCW Certificates:

  • STCW Basic Safety Training
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (PSSR)
  • Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than fast rescue boats)
  • Basic Fire Prevention and Firefighting
  • Advanced Firefighting
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Medical Care
  • Crisis Management and Human Behaviour on Passenger Ships
  • Crowd Management
  • Security Awareness
  • Designated Security Duties
  • Chief Engineer
  • 2nd Engineer
  • High Voltage (Management)

More Certificates / Qualifications:

  • MCA 2nd Engineer Unlimited
  • MCA Chief Engineer < 1500 kW
  • MCA Chief Engineer < 3000 kW
  • MCA Engine Room Watch Rating

Uploaded Certificates



I am looking for Chief Engineer or Second Engineer position. My goal is to continue working in the yachting industry. I will give my best for this job.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Books,PC,Watersports,Fishing

Yachting Experience

Yacht sizes:30-39m, 50-69m, > 70m
Yacht types:motor
Yacht uses:charter
Experience length:2-5 years

Experience Details:


Other Work Experience

Cruise Ships: no

Sailing Experience

Motor Yachts: Extensive
Extensive (Professional)
Charter Yachts: Extensive
Extensive (Professional)
Private Yachts: Considerable
Considerable (Professional)
Shipyards & Refits: Considerable
Considerable (Professional)

Language Skills

English:Advanced   Advanced
Russian:Basic   Basic

Other Skills

Propulsion Skills:

Single Screw:Extensive   Extensive
Twin Screw:Extensive   Extensive
Zero Speed Stabiliser:Considerable   Considerable
Water Jet:Considerable   Considerable
Bow Thruster:Considerable   Considerable
Azipod:Little   Little

Engineering Skills:

Windlass & Winch Systems:Extensive   Extensive
Generators & Alternators:Extensive   Extensive
Air Conditioning:Extensive   Extensive
Water Makers:Extensive   Extensive
Diesel Engines:Extensive   Extensive
Refrigeration:Extensive   Extensive
Mechanical:Extensive   Extensive
Water Jet Propulsion / Jet Skis:Considerable   Considerable
Fuel Cell Systems:Considerable   Considerable
Gas Fuel / Tri Fuel:Considerable   Considerable
Gas Turbine:Considerable   Considerable
Gearboxes:Considerable   Considerable
Electrical:Considerable   Considerable
AV & IT:Considerable   Considerable
Hydraulic Systems:Considerable   Considerable
Water Treatment:Considerable   Considerable
Steam Turbine:Some   Some


Not looking for work as a team.