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Stew / Cook
Job posted:
March 8, 2023
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We are looking for a full time mate to join the boat. If we could find a team this would work as well but cook / stew for the partner. If it is a team and they want a season that is fine as well. It is a long season for me the boat gets back in November from the summer. 
Start date - when we find the right person. I am open but would like someone to join within the month. 
Salary - 4k to 5500 per month. Could be more based on the candidate. 
Vacation - 30 days off
Optional - 401k 
Medical/ dental / vision 
Year end bonus as well as salary increase decided by the boss himself. 
Schooling can be paid for with a prorated contract with a commitment for 1 year after. If they departed before the year the schooling is prorated.
Yacht -98 foot Princess-viking US flagged 
Tow in summer when practical 41 foot center console. 
Carry 2 jet skis on board / Nothing in regards to water sports.
Winter - Fisher Island Nov/Dec to May / Mid April to end of May Shipyard in Lauderdale. Minimal trips. 
Summer - June to Oct - New England - Busy July - to Labor day. One hudson river trip 1st week October. 
- Run with 2 full time including myself. 3 to 4 for the summer. Summer crew that we add are usually Cook/stew & Stew/Deck or stew/nanny. They are seasonal unless I find a mate couple team. 
Early 60's 1 child 6 years of age. Most of the time just the 3 of them on board, his wife included.
The Daughter- Comes a few times during the winter. The boat is used as a floating Hotel and usually 1 time during the summer for a week. Her family includes Husband, 3 children, ages 6, 2, and a 5 month old. hidden link - please login

Certificates and Qualifications:

A valid STCW Basic Safety Training certificate is required from all applicants. Please sign up for an STCW course and obtain the certificate if you don't have it yet.