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Housekeeping Stewardess
40 - 45 € per day as freelancer or 1.200€ net per month as employee in the Netherlands
Corfu - Greece
Start date:
Job posted:
July 21, 2021
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Sailing-Classics is urgently looking for a steward(ess) to join our team and with posibility to a work relationship based on scheduled rotations. Previous work experience in service and handling guests have our preference. More important though are a flexibible attitude and social skills.
Sailing experience with charter guests and familiarity with shipboard processes are a big plus as well as a pair of “sealegs” because working below deck is the large part of the job.

We searching urgently for a 3rd Stewardess for our SV RHEA:

  • Rotation 10 weeks from 24.07.2021 - 02.10.2021, minimum 4 Weeks from 24.07.2021 on.
  • Start: Corfu Greece
  • Freelance agreement: 40 - 45 € per Day | or 1.200€ net per month as employee in the Netherlands ( Dutch Social Security Number required)
  • EU / schengen Passport

The Sailing-Classics concept:

Sailing-Classics cruises with 16-26 guests (cabin charter), combining authentic sailing without fixed schedule with great comfort and high-quality service (3 meals a day plus coffee and cake, good cuisine), watersports, tender service, shore excursions, etc. On regular cruises we sail between 3-6h every day. Guests are welcome to help with handling the sails and navigation. 

Life on Board

Life on board requires a certain lifestyle. The international crew (mostly European) speak English amongst each other, while guests are 90% German speaking (German, Swiss, Austrian, some Dutch).
We sail with guests, so every crewmember represents the company and is responsible for guests’ well-being. Crew is in close contact to guests at all times. We want our guests to feel at home on board and expect a friendly and hospitable attitude from all crew. Workdays are intense and long. Service crew is working in shifts but with no fixed cruising schedule, working hours stay flexible. Depending on captain and workload, crew may get to visit shore every now and then.
Accommodation for crew is in double and triple cabins. All crew wears the Sailing Classics uniform. Food, water, juices, tea and filter coffee are available free of charge. Soft drinks, beer and wine are charged for crew at a substantial discount. Three meals per day (same excellent quality as for guests) are offered in crew mess.

Depending on the captain/team on board, your tasks may slightly differ. Generally, the steward(ess) is in charge of:

  • Contact with guests (important!) and providing overall guest care at all times
  • Responsible for smooth everyday operation of service/hotel department, incl. housekeeping services, laundry management, inventories, food and beverage service, clean-up
  • Protecting, maintaining, and caring for interior items and surfaces, such as dishes, glass, linens, woodwork, and others.
  • Maintaining hotel/service stocks and inventory management, regular communication to office
  • Assist galley with cleaning & food preparation
  • Collaborate with chef regarding meal service, table setting, meal times, wine recommendations
  • Planning of and quality service during meals
  • Keeping all interior storage areas organized, hygienic, maintained and sea tight.
  • Registration and control of new supplies
  • Helping other departments when necessary (e.g. with lines / fenders on deck)
  • Knowing your task on the muster list

Job Skills & requirements:

  • Hospitable attitude, displaying knowledge of international etiquette in service.
  • Good communications, organization skills
  • Vast knowledge of, service, housekeeping, drinks (and wines is an advantage), restaurants and activities in cruising areas, table decorations, and table arrangements
  • Attention to detail (cleaning, service)
  • Energetic and flexible personality, thriving in teamwork with a can-do attitude
  • You should pro-actively see what needs to be done
  • Multitasker; ability to work under stress
  • Discretion
  • Ability to overcome seasickness

Further questions we can certainly clarify in a phone call.

I look forward to your application with a meaningful CV

Best regards 

Felix Steidle-Sailer | Operational Director

Language Requirements:

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

Visa Requirements:

Schengen visa is required for this role.