Personal Trainer (Fitness)

Date posted:
June 29, 2020
Specialist Jobs
Personal Trainer
$5600 per month
Jeddah/Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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This job describes a potential candidate who can formulate the best tips for training and information on dieting for the owner and his guests. He is not blind to the fitness needs of the owner and can push guests to meet their fitness goals through proper dieting assisted with the galley crew and through training in the standard form. The owner's and his guests' health and well-being is the top priority of this candidate. The owner seeks a candidate who is confident in motivating his clients through any means they feel comfortable with. 

This candidate is male for the privacy and cultural modesty of the owner. He is also someone who can tackle any aspect of fitness from yoga and flexibility to intense training. This candidate needs the appropriate knowledge pertaining to weight gain and bodybuilding specifically to the preferences of the owner and his family. This candidate also requires some basic medical knowledge in coordination with the Galley for dieting and with the owner's yacht doctor present. This candidate may also require fitness knowledge pertaining to teenagers and younger youth. 

For this candidate, the owner's yacht provides all amenities to him and the guests alike. Yacht accommodation is also provided along with personal storage space, a private bathroom, a crew kitchen, and if the personal trainer has a partner he wishes to bring along, he and his significant other will share a spacious suite in the service members accommodation quarters. All quarters of the males are separate from those of the females for security and safety purposes. For this candidate specifically, he will be presented with a personal office adjacent to the on-site indoor gym and pool.

This candidate will be required to dress moderately modest with shorts not exceeding above the knees and with the complete abstinence of smoking, alcoholic drinking, or drug addictions. Visible tattoos are permissible so long as they do not entail inappropriate imagery or derogatory language. Presentation in its entirety must be appropriate and within the standard. A casual presence is to the preferences of the owner, therefore, not necessarily in need of formal clothing other than during formal occasions and events. Uniforms of the yacht will be provided depending on the position held by a service member.

This candidate should coordinate with the head chef and the galley crew on a dietary menu specialized for the owner and his preferences of cuisine. Specifically to the scope of focus on weight gain. Meal prepping 6 short meals a day with high calories to ensure weight gain supervised by the doctor and nutritionist present. This candidate needs to be comfortable learning a new language; Arabic. 

This candidate needs to present a deep passion for traveling and exploring across the globe as the owner takes satisfaction in visiting several extravagant destinations with his crew. The attitude that is to be taken in approach to serving the owner is a casual attitude without constant seriousness. This candidate must also be good at being a team player. 

Work Experience Requirements:

All applicants must have previous experience in working on cruise ships or yachts matching the following requirements:

  • Yacht sizes:  50-69m or > 70m
  • Yacht types:  motor
  • Yacht uses:   private
  • Experience length:  min 1 year

Language Requirements:

Good knowledge of the following languages is required: English, French, Arabic, Japanese

Certificates and Qualifications:

All applicants must hold a valid ENG1 certificate to be able to apply for this position.

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