Loadmaster for 100+m MV Shadow Boat

January 11, 2017
Specialist Jobs
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This position is a great opportunity for a Loadmaster who wants to break into the world of Superyachts on this very large M/Y!

For this role, you will have the following attributes;

  • Minimum 10 years’ extensive experience in handling ships’ cranes (including tandem lift experience on Passenger/Cargo or Cargo ships)
  • Knowledge of ISM and ISPS practices
  • A thorough knowledge of rigging of spreaders and other lifting gear including cradling and lashing for sea passage
  • Emphasis will be placed on loading, carrying and discharge of valuable tenders and yachts
  • Must be able to plan meticulously and prioritise safety

For this role you shall report directly to the Master and responsibilities will include:

  • Safe and efficient loading, cradling, lashing and carrying tenders, yachts, water toys and other cargo (including LSA)
  • Safe stowage and segregation in accordance with IMDG code, applicable legislation and best practice
  • Thorough risk assessment of all loading operations including handling of hatch openings, covers and cranes
  • The enforcement of strict health and safety procedures in and around the cargo areas.
  • The maintenance and certification of all lifting equipment & gear in consultation with the DPA.
  • The prompt reporting of any defects related to lifting equipment and gear.
  • Bridge Watch keeping as operations require
  • Any duty assigned directly by the Master


  • COC II/2 , III/2 or appropriate shore based experience
  • Valid PP, ENG1 & SDB
  • Basic Safety Certificate
  • Security awareness or designated security duty certificate
  • Passenger Safety Certificate
  • Salary & Conditions: 8,000 Euros, 182 days – 3 on/3 off with return economy flights

Start 27 Mar 2017

Language Requirements:

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

Certificates and Qualifications:

A valid STCW Basic Safety Training certificate is required from all applicants. Please sign up for an STCW course and obtain the certificate if you don't have it yet.