Yachting - a lifestyle, not just a job

Abi Smith  |  7th February 2019

It is true that the world of yachting carries with it a certain allure: of luxury, excitement and the opportunity to travel the world with the super-rich. Although undoubtedly it is a very exciting way of life, it is imperative to understand that it is a lifestyle and not just a job.

If you are considering working on a yacht, you should understand the ins and outs of this unique lifestyle to help you decide if yachting is for you.

The first thing to realise is that you live where you work, and there is no 9-5 lifestyle on board a yacht.

You must:

  • be a team player
  • be strong, both physically and mentally, to deal with the challenges that you may face
  • be keen and flexible – there are sure to be times when you have to perform duties not included on your job description
  • be prepared to go above and beyond at any given time
  • have strong communication skills and the ability to interact with the people you are working with and for

Working on a yacht can be rewarding in so many ways, and you will undoubtedly form strong bonds and a wonderful camaraderie with your crew mates who you will live and work in close proximity with. It is easy to see how, by investing so much time and energy into a role, it quickly becomes a part of you.

What you will gain working on a yacht:

  • Knowledge - Industry specific knowledge
  • Skills - Invaluable life and career skills
  • Travel experience - Meeting interesting people all over the world and enjoying downtime in some amazing locations
  • Savings – As your board and lodgings are covered, working on a yacht can be lucrative and potentially lead to a long-term career path

On the other hand, some things that you should also consider before deciding whether yachting is for you might include: if you don’t like the thought of being away from your family and friends for long periods of time, or being told what to wear every day and what tasks to perform each day, or even being offered meals instead of being able to choose exactly what you would like to eat. It’s not a lifestyle that would suit everyone.

If you think a yachting lifestyle could be for you, and you are looking for a new challenge, take a look at the yaCrew job board and check out the latest positions currently available on board.