PYA Explores the Idea of Work Placement on Yachts

YPI Crew  |  22nd June 2015

The Professional Yachting Association decided to launch a groundbreaking initiative to show the ropes of the yachting career to enthusiastic students so that they can hit the ground running at entry-level jobs afloat and also to encourage young people to enter the sector. This way PYA hopes to introduce students, who would like to embark on a career in yachting, to the industry at an early age. While many captains like to recruit the “green crew,” because it gives them a chance to train crew as per the needs of their yachts and to “mould” their skills, many still seek to hire junior crew with previous yachting experience. On top of that, the industry predicts a shortfall in the numbers of crew required to meet the industry's needs over the next decade.

Therefore, PYA in conjunction with MYBA, ItalianYachtMasters and GEPY decided to survey captains to see if the idea of mentoring yacht people onboard is viable and if the captains will be open to it.

So far, PYA started with the local colleges and schools through Italy and France. The association is in the position to encourage those education establishments to send students on work placements on yachts. If the survey shows that the captains are up for the idea, the association will explore other countries to be included in the program. Ultimately, this program should make yachting careers more accessible to young people and better prepare them for the jobs afloat.

The association is suggesting carrying out several-week student mentorship programs during winter months, when it’s less hectic onboard. This way the students will have a chance to familiarise themselves with the safety procedures on yachts and the work itself. Then, when the season takes off, those students would already have had a hands-on training afloat and will be able to offer more to the hiring side.

Thus, we invite you to take a survey built for captains by the PYA and to voice your ideas regarding the initiative. If you are a captain, you can share your opinion by completing this short survey.

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