New Year, New You, New Career on board a Superyacht?

Abi Smith  |  8th January 2019

At the start of each new year we often spend time reflecting on our lives and what changes we would like to make in the coming year - whether it be to get fitter, to start a new hobby, to create a new challenge or to find a new job.

Could 2019 be the year that you embark upon an exciting journey by finding a job on board a luxury yacht? Would you like to make a change to your current job? Would you love to travel the world and get paid a generous tax-free salary at the same time? Do you have some relevant skills or experience to work on a yacht?

Working on a superyacht can be a unique and lucrative experience and can lead to a long-term career path. High quality, hard-working crew is always in demand and there are plenty of different positions available.

How to realise your new year’s resolution:

  1. Decide which position on a superyacht would suit you and your skill set best
  2. Update your CV and get a good profile picture
  3. Register with a specialised recruitment board like yaCrew and start applying for jobs online (there are currently over 400 jobs to search from)
  4. Ensure you have the mandatory basic training required to work on a yacht (STCW 2010)
  5. Build references with day work – almost all crew begin their career by first doing some casual full or half day work, which often leads to several weeks of work
  6. Try dock walking – the best time to dock walk is when the yachts are preparing for the start of the season and are looking to fill seasonal vacancies

You can find more career advice on yaCrew.