An Exciting New Concept in Yachting – Dual Ships

yaCrew team  |  24th October 2019

In an industry where clientele are constantly demanding new, limitless possibilities and a more refined experience, comes a new ‘dual-ship’ concept.

LOTUS, the 88m Dyna-Rig sailing yacht and 70m Companion Vessel, is a next-generation project which is being jointly developed by ThirtyC Design Studio, Dykstra Naval Architects and Dutch shipyard, Royal Huisman, and was launched and positively received at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019.

LOTUS will be an integrated package of two superyachts with the 70m companion vessel acting as a ‘mothership’.

Dual vessel

Redefining the superyacht experience

For some superyacht owners the joy and thrill of cruising under sail can be diminished when a yacht reaches a certain size – a mega-yacht under sail does not deliver quite the same personal experience and can feel less in touch with the elements. The standards of luxury, comfort and services that guests require today means that a comprehensive crew and support team are needed. For example, a yacht with 18 guests can mean a full complement of anything from 40 to 50 crew, and a hull of 130m or more is required to accommodate them all.

Two integrated vessels

“LOTUS is not a sailing yacht with a support vessel. LOTUS is a concept whereby two vessels are designed, built and operated in a totally integrated manner to provide the most comprehensive range of superyacht experiences and services ever offered to owners and their guests by the superyacht industry. The result is a wholly new level of personal choice, freedom and flexibility to enjoy the very best of everything superyachting has to offer – without compromise or limits.”

The concept is cutting edge, not only for her rig, styling, technology and performance but also for the attractive balance of accommodation and facilities available for guests. A far less intrusive requirement for crew and support team than is normal for a yacht of this size is made possible by offering the dual-ship package – giving a real sailor’s experience whilst maintaining the most luxurious and comprehensive guest services.

Sailing yacht

The LOTUS sailing yacht offers speed, precision sailing and reduced complexity in terms of both rigging and crew. She will be among the fastest and most technologically advanced sailing yachts in the world thanks to the Dyna-Rig and advanced technologies.

The open deck areas of the sailing yacht provide more than ample space for a bow area pool, spacious flybridge, expansive sun deck, and open-air theatre, all linking to the multiple dining areas, huge saloon and the vast beach club below.

Companion vessel

The LOTUS companion vessel will be so much more than a support ship. Her accommodation (for both guests and crew) will be of the same exceptional and luxurious standard as the sailing ship. She could act as ‘mother ship’ at a regatta if the LOTUS Dyna-Rig yacht is competing, or as a solo vessel if a group of guests wish to explore a remote navigable river whilst others enjoy a day’s sailing. The two will always be in touch and remain focused on the optimum logistics and service for owners and guests.

Furthermore, the companion vessel will act as the operations and accommodation centre for the duo’s crew and hotel service teams, together with pilots, doctors, tutors and other team members required. As the companion vessel is also designed to house the fullest complement of toys, tenders, cars and helicopters this frees up valuable deck space on the sailing yacht.

Environmentally friendly

The LOTUS Duo will be better for the environment by using advanced new technologies, such as solar technology integrated into the masts, and ‘smart’ power generation, to minimise fuel use and enable Dyna-Rig to sail from her berth without starting an engine.

The Dyna-Rig system also creates a safer environment for crew and guests alike as the sails can be managed without lines or winches – making the operation seamless and safer for everyone on board.