The Monaco Yacht Show 2017: Valuable for Crew?

Matthew Scott  |  24th October 2017

The Monaco Yacht Show 2017: an opportunity for prospective yacht buyers and charterers to view the latest and greatest vessels, a chance for yachting professionals to gauge the international yacht market, and the occasion for yacht crew to network. But in the modern age, when yacht crew placement is often initiated and conducted online, how important are these sorts of events for crew in search of a job? We caught up with Laurence Lewis, the Director of YPI CREW, to find out more about her experience of the show, her opinion on the value of such shows for crew, and what prospects currently exist for those in search of a superyacht job.

Q: How successful was the Monaco Yacht Show 2017 for YPI CREW?

A: “The yacht show has been absolutely fantastic. Monaco Yacht Show 2017 has been a great event. We’ve had various Captains and various candidates meeting up for interviews. Quite a few of those resulted in job offers, so, of course, happy clients, happy candidates and a positive experience for everybody.”

As the industry’s leading recruiter of superyacht jobs, YPI CREW matches the most qualified yacht crew candidates with the best yacht crew jobs. For the recruitment agents, the Monaco Yacht Show offers the perfect chance to interact with the Captains of each yacht, to better understand the owners’ requirements and the type of candidates that are desired.

Q: For many, the Monaco Yacht Show represents the end of the summer yachting season. But is it true to say that there are still jobs on offer?

A: “Absolutely. It may be the end of the Mediterranean yachting season but the recruitment season does not stop. We have various jobs – a lot of jobs in fact – on new-builds, both in Europe and in America. So certainly, there is a lot of work out there.”

YPI stand at Monaco Yacht ShowEach month, YPI CREW lists exclusive new jobs on the agency’s website. From Deckhands and Stewardesses to Captains, Engineers, and every position in between, a selection of crew roles are advertised. The Monaco Yacht Show may be the last major yachting event in the Mediterranean each year, but there are plenty of jobs still on offer in overseas yachting regions, like the USA and the Caribbean. The Monaco Yacht Show is crucial for crew that are in search of work in such regions.

Q: How important are events like the Monaco Yacht Show for crew?

A: “Well, the Monaco Yacht Show has always been an important show for crew. It offers the opportunity to network with Captains and friends. Everybody is here, over the course of the four days. And of course for crew it offers the opportunity to gain access to knowledge; the PYA organised various seminars on Thursday. There are also plenty of corporate events, so it enables crew to meet old and new contacts. Plus there is the opportunity to meet recruitment agents, so overall it’s a great show for everybody.”

As underpinned by Laurence Lewis of YPI CREW, the Monaco Yacht Show has come to be an exceptionally important event for yacht crew, whether searching for a new job, developing existing skills, learning new information, or making friends and contacts.

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