The Key to Landing Your Dream Yacht Job

Janette Richards  |  20th March 2018

You’re ready to start your job search for working on a yacht. You’ve honed your skills, you’ve gained experience, and you may even have some professional training under your belt. But all of this is no good if you don’t have one key element prepared as you begin job hunting - your resume.

Having a strong resume is essential to entering a career in the yachting industry. Having a resume that sets you apart from other job candidates will be the way that your potential employer ultimately decides to interview or hire you. Every appealing and impressive resume should include these elements:

  • Qualifications and relevant skills
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Contact information
  • Relevant experience

By listing all of these elements, employers will know that you’ve done a fair amount of research on the job being offered and are targeting a position that aligns with your past experiences and skill set. To create the best resume, you can use a CV template builder to take your application up a notch.